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We can help you to repair your roof or restore your roof!

Help support a local business in the Hills District of Sydney. 

Call Hills Roof Care 0403774045 and we can help you to protect the crown of your castle! 

The Hills District of Sydney has quite the reputation for damage after storms and rain, which can often cause damage to roof tiles, as well as clog gutters with dirt and debris. The excess amount of rain can also add mold and mildew to your roof, making your home appear years older than it actually is. Hills Roof Care can help you to repair your roof. 

Many may ask, why restore or repair your roof?
The answer is quite simple... unless you wish to fully replace your roof with new tiles, restoration and repair is often the only way to ensure your house is looking its best and that your house inside is well protected. This is why Hills Roof Care stands by our motto, 'protecting the crown of your castle!'

Roof repairs -

Regular maintenance and repair is often required on roofs as they are exposed to nature's elements (extreme heat, rain and other adverse weather conditions). Other situations that can cause damage is structural movement within the roof timbers and natural foundation movements within the building. This can cause cracking in the cement bedding and existing pointing. Hills Roof Care are experienced in being able to repair these problems for you. Even if you think your roof is in good condition from the ground, it is often not until a major storm or ongoing rain that the leaks will appear suddenly. We can inspect your roof to check for all areas that may need repair as these cracks, chips and damage are what can cause damage when you least expect it. Hills Roof Care can help you, give us call today. 0403774045. 

Why have restoration done with Hills Roof Care

Some clients have told us that they have heard there is no point restoring the roof, but to simply clean it and leave it. This is often something that is appropriate for tiles that are in good condition, however to clean the concrete tiles correctly this requires high pressure water and chemical application to remove mold, lichen and moss. As a result, if concrete tiles are weak or porous and pitted when cleaned properly, the water alone will not correct the damage to the surface of the tile. If you wish to have tiles that look clean and are structurally durable then restoration roof membrane application is a successful measure to ensure your house looks its best! 

For owners of genuine terracotta tiled roofs application of roof membranes are not usually required and in any case are currently not available at the moment by manufacturers. We can clean your terracotta roof tiles to ensure lichen and moss are removed. See some of our pictures within the header. Hills Roof Care will help to bring your roof back to a great condition for years to come. Hills Roof Care also can assist with restoring your roof to prepare for sale. Read more about the process here. 0403774045

Terracotta roof tiles

Hills Roof Care will help restore your terracotta roof tiles to bring them back to looking new and shiny. There is a new product available to coat terracotta tiles, patented in Australia. 

Roof membranes and benefits 

After Hills Roof Care repairs any areas that are damaged on your roof, you can choose to have your concrete tiled roof restored with quality roof membrane. This membrane is 40x thicker than paint and covers the tiles in a waterproof and flexible coating. You can choose from a range of colours (either restoring your roof to its former glory/or updating the look to existing trends). Hills Roof Care can also provide recommendations to go with the existing colour scheme at your house and area of the Hills District.  These membranes breathe new life into your worn roof! 

Hills Roof Care guarantees that none of the membranes we use are watered down. You may have heard many stories about trades workers in the past doing this to save money. We guarantee that we only use trade approved roofing products and will be happy to show you that they are purchased straight from the genuine suppliers - sealed and ready to apply. The roof membrane tile coating that we use is flexible to give with movement and we always prime before applying the membrane to ensure proper adhesion to the tile. 

These membranes come with their own guarantee from the manufacturer, such as 10 years (varies with brand used). They provide long lasting protection, are UV stabilised and come in full gloss or satin finish. They will not crack, peel or blister with age. 

Quality Assurance, Insurance and Safety 

Hills Roof Care can provide a Certificate of Currency as issued by our insurer that protects you from damage to your home or property. Our work is backed by the Home Building Act of 1989 and we follow safety guidelines and procedures when working on your roof. Safety harnesses are used where heights and situations specific to your roof require us to. Roof membranes are guaranteed according to the manufacturers' conditions (and our workmanship) and Hills Roof Care can provide this to you upon acceptance of our quotation. Hills Roof Care are qualified and licensed under NSW Government Fair Trading tradespeople and home building licence and qualifications department. We can provide these details to you within our quote and contract of work.

We guarantee our work 

When a client is happy, Hills Roof Care are happy. Please ask us for details of work we have done before. You are most welcome to have a look at our workmanship at other property roofs that we have repaired or restored, before accepting our quote. 

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